I have worked with many trainers over the years, and I have never worked with anyone as good as Michelle. She knows the anatomy of the body better than you would expect just a trainer to know. Her exercises are unique and never the same. She really thinks outside of the box, and always keeps it interesting. She pushes you, not only physically, but mentally as well. Overall, Michelle really cares about her clients on a personal level, which I think is so important, and makes you feel special and not just another appointment on her book. 
H. Spooner, Tallahasse Florida

2 ½ years ago my wife and I met Michelle at Premier to help me on the road to recovery from a quintuple heart bypass surgery. I never thought I would get hooked on working out but Michelle was able to do it. Her energy and passion for training is contagious. A year ago I told Michelle and my wife that I wanted to take it to the next level and do a triathlon (I have never been a swimmer, biker or runner). No questions asked she worked up a program that my cardiologist approved, and we were on our way. During my training we relocated back to Wisconsin but Michelle continued to monitor my regimen. I completed my first Triathlon in Wisconsin in June of 2009 and guess who was there with my family and friends – you got it - Michelle. I competed in 5 Triathlons in 2009 and my first one in 2010 is the Red Hills in Tallahassee. I am convinced that none of this would have happened without the coaching of Michelle. Bottom line is.. if you are looking for a trainer that is experienced and motivating, you do not have to look any further. My entire family is a huge fan of MMFitness. 
P. Nadler, Madison Wisconsin

Michelle Miller is, without question, the most attentive, caring, and focused trainer I've ever worked with.  Within her skill, knowledge, and manner one finds motivation and the drive to sustain it.  In training for both specific fitness challenges and general health, Michelle has been a crucial force in my achieving all of my goals. S. McKnight, Tallahassee Florida

My experience with Michelle as a trainer was nothing short of wonderful.  She was very helpful – explaining everything we did and why we did it - and was very careful to make sure that I did the exercises with the correct form so that I did not hurt myself and to make sure that I got the most benefit from the exercise.  I could not have asked for a trainer who was more knowledgeable, helpful and supportive – and all of this in a kind and extremely pleasant personality!  I have and will continue to recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a personnel trainer. D. Tucker,Tallahassee Florida

When I began coming in to see you, I had lost a large part of the flexibility in my left hip, leg muscles.  This corresponded to a lot of pain and inflexibility in my knees.  I was very impressed that, unlike several trainers I have been to in the past,  you didn't just try to "ramrod" a program of "lift, strain, and work harder" to rid me of these problems.  Instead, you put together a professional, and well thought out program for me to follow (not just when I was with you, but on my own as well).  As you know, we still have work to do, but even in the short time we have worked together, my hip and leg flexibility has improved dramatically, and the every day pain in my knees has been minimized.  You are the best, and together, we are going to keep this 51 year old guy going! D. Cutchins,  Tallahassee Florida

I called on Michelle Miller to help me with a conditioning program following open-heart surgery.  The program she prescribed and directed was exactly what I needed and the results were all I had hoped for.   Michelle is both competent and caring; she's also dedicated to improving the health and vitality of her patients and she's just the kind of person it's a pleasure to know. J. Stanley Marshall Tallahassee, Florida

My work with Michelle was life changing in a very positive way.  I trained a bit with two previous trainers for the same number of days per week (3), but really hadn't been inspired to take a real interest in training.  Michelle has a wonderful, engaging manner that made me feel that my experience and my previous 50 years wasn't important; what was important was my effort going forward.  I truly am strong now (for a person my age).   When I left Tallahassee, I looked at my Premier identification card.  I was so surprised to see how uneven my shoulders had been when I started!  I still had osteoporosis, but my improved shoulder strength allowed my shoulders to be level regardless of the spinal damage.  I was shocked and pleased!  That is a testament to Michelle's attention to detail while I trained with her; looking back I remembered her making me aware of my shoulder placement several times during each session.  It reminded me of how many physical improvements I had made with Michelle.Sadly, I have moved out of state and so I no longer have the opportunity to train with Michelle.  I miss her dearly and am so glad that I can receive her weekly tips via email!  Talk about follow-up!  I left Tally several years ago and she still cares enough about my health to help via email!  J. Villa, Madison Wisconsin

As Co-Owner of Universal Collision and embarking on a new business venture in real estate (not to mention a wife and mother of two), it is critical for me to maintain an efficient and effective workout routine.  I have had the opportunity to train with MM Fitness in a variety of settings.  I cannot stress enough how much of a lifetime it has made in my overall health and fitness.I have trained with a number of trainers on and off over the last ten years and none compared to the level of effectiveness and expertise I received through MM Fitness.  Through Michelle's training, I learned about the important benefits of overall health through proper fitness.  She sets up distinct training programs that focus on every aspect of physical fitness including all muscle groups, cardio training and endurance, core, strength, balance, flexibility, etc.  Michelle then rotates workouts to ensure complete fitness, and consistent variety.  Her knowledge of all aspects of physical fitness and health is impressive.  Her passion and concern for her clients is always evident, constantly encouraging, and at the same time challenging you through the exercise routine.Not only would I recommend MM Fitness, I would urge businesses who want a healthy, motivated and productive workforce to contact MM Fitness.S. Driggers, Tallahassee Florida

Training with MM Fitness has been a great experience and I really appreciate what the workouts have done in my life.  Michelle motivates me with both her words and actions and makes small accomplishments seem like milestones.  Moreover, MM Fitness is punctual, positive, patient, personable, and professional.  Your workout is what you put into it and MM Fitness is there to make sure you're getting and giving 100%.I never know what to expect from week to week and no workout is ever boring.  The exercises focus on movements that strengthen my body leading to a more toned physique with better flexibility and more energy.  I plan on being a client of MM Fitness for many more years to come and highly recommend them to anyone ready to get serious about their health and take fitness to the next level.MM Fitness is truly one a kind, so make it a priority to get fit with them.  It is a life investment that is definately worth it.  A. Roberts,Tallahassee Florida

After having a heart attack and three stents implanted, I was very apprehensive about beginning a cardiac rehabilitation program as suggested by my cardiologist.  With Michelle's encouragement, expertise, and ever watchful eye, I was able to dramaticallly improve my stamina, strength, and confidence in myself.J. Labbatt, Tallahassee Florida

From fat and lazy to chubby and fit, well on the the way to fit! I was three hundred pounds this time last year (April 2007) and really feeling like someone twenty years my senior.  At fifty, I realized that if I did not change my ways, life for me was going to be cut short by a lot of years.  To top it off, my doctor's informed me that I was diabetic and unless I cut my carb intake, insulin was in my near future.  Having been on many diets throughout my life, I knew that diet alone would not save me from the ravages of my lifelong neglect.  I had not used exercise aside from walking or biking since high school PE and this needed to change.Well, I managed by changing my diet to lose thirty pounds plus but I know I needed to drop another thirty this year.  In addition, in the fall of 2007, I met my friend Michelle with MM Fitness at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Chamber for her new remote personal training company.  I was taken to her immediately and knew she would be right for me.  She listened to my history and made an appointment with me to learn more and then, after taking great care to my personal needs, we began a schedule that would be the best form of health insurance money could buy.Since then, I have only missed on week of our workouts.  She has been sensitive to my needs and very flexible in scheduling to be sure I get my workout in every week.  I have been adding additional weight training and walking in between our visits motivated by her strong support to do more.  I have a ways to go but I feel I am well on my way to moving "middle age" forward in my life instead of behind me.  Michelle is the best thing that has happened on my road to wellness and I would recommend her to anyone and in fact I do all the time!!Now is a good time to make a decision for change and while you're at it.....make Michelle Lambert of MM FITNESS your second decision.  I have decided, "middle age" begins at seventy-five, join me in the race for one hundred fifty! T. Thielen, Tallahassee Florida

"What can I say?  Michelle has been working with Doug and I for over 5 years, the last 2 years have been in our home.  She has been wonderful throughout this time.  Doug is brain injured and before he stopped talking, he would tell everyone about his personal trainer and he would say "she's pretty too!"  We have come to love her like a daughter." D. & B. Stockbridge, Tallahasse, Florida

"Thanks to MM Fitness my husband and I have not only lost weight but we have gained confidence in ourselves to make a change in who we are and how we are perceived by others. We would strongle recommend them to anyone looking for personal training or just a better way to live healthy." Kathy Gray, Rochester NY

"MM Fitness helped me to reach my goal of loosing 10 pounds before my wedding. It was convenient to have them in my home and they conformed around my crazy schedule, especially with the wedding. Now I look better than ever at the most critical time of my life!" Lisa S.

 "MM Fitness helped me to get my weight under control. After heart surgery I didn't think it was going to be possible and the doctor said if I didn't do something I might end up in a wheel chair within a year. MM Fitness gave me back my life and I'm still using them" Kevin R.

"Have a great week you inspirational person you!!!  I love watching you work with people at Premier that probably think it is hopeless.  I just don't think you allow that!!!  You really are fantastic."  Lon Fellenz, Tallahassee Florida

"I made it back in one piece, despite airline delays on the return flight.  The skiing was just fabulous, and my strength and stamina gained through all our work let me to ski all three days (I could do it only 1 and 1/2 days 3 years ago:)).  Strange as it may seem, the "mantra" I used while gliding (and with a little bit of sliding) down the hills was "water break if you need it...".  For some reason, frequently repeating that phrase out loud on the more steep runs helped keep me "in the moment" and gave me that extra burst of determination.  You, of all people, know exactly where it came from:)" Mike Tucker, Tallahassee Florida

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